Michael Phelps’ Choice: UK Limited Edition Omega Seamaster Fake Watches With Blue Rubber Straps

This limited edition is designed to pay a tribute to Michael Phelps who is a legendary swimmer. Phelps has won 23 Olympic gold medals over his career time. He is talented and hard-working. The 45.5mm colorful models can show his spirits very well. The first impression is filled with energetic and dynamic feelings. The excellent Omega Seamaster replica watches are favored by young men and Phelps fans. The 45.5mm steel cases are matched with blue rubber straps and blue ceramic bezels.

The whole designs are applied with some orange elements. For example, the blue rubber straps have orange stitches and edges. The blue ceramic bezels are unidirectional rotating, carried with 60-minute graduated scales. The first 15-minute scale is decorated with orange rubber. The white ceramic dials have white luminescent designs. There are two sub-dials and a date indicator set in a neat way. The strong Omega Seamaster fake watches are driven by Cal. 9900, self-winding mechanical movements with chronograph functions.

The timepieces also have transparent case backs, fully revealing the beauty of calibre 9900. Omega copy watches with Swiss mechanical movements are launched 280 pieces in total. The Omega models have an excellent waterproofness reaching 600m deep. The diving watch looks showy on the wrists.

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